Model Number Listing


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M-001-0005 WB-800   Link
M-001-0009 W-UC-S Water Sensor, Under Carpet, Unsupervised  
M-001-0076 PS-110 Power Outage Detector Link
M-001-0081 TEMP-H-S High Temp Sensor (Stainless Steel)  
M-001-0082 TEMP-L-S Low Temp Sensor (Stainless Steel)  
M-001-0084 EA200-24 EnviroAlert 200 (24v) Link
M-001-0085 EA400-24 EnviroAlert 400 (24v) Link
M-001-0086 TEMP-L-W Low Temp Sensor (Waterproof)  
M-001-0087 TEMP-H-W High Temp Sensor (Waterproof)  
M-001-0091 HA-III+ Humidity Sensor  
M-001-0094 W-S-S Water Sensor, Supervised  
M-001-0095 EA200-12 EnviroAlert 200 (12v) Link
M-001-0096 EA400-12 EnviroAlert 400 (12v) Link
M-001-0098 MTA-1 Mechanical Temp Monitor, Dual Output Link
M-001-0099 TA-1 Mechanical Temp Monitor, Single Output Link
M-001-0100 TA-2HL Mechanical Temp Monitor, Dual Output Link
M-001-0101 TA-40 Mechanical 40° NC  Link
M-001-0137 WB-200 Waterbug 200 Link
M-001-0106  W-S-U Water Sensor, Unsupervised  
M-001-0107 W-UC-U Water Sensor, Under-carpet, Supervised  
M-001-0111 TEMP-UL-S Ultra-low Temp Sensor  
M-001-0138 EA800-IP EnviorAlert 800, with Network Link
M-001-0135 TEMP-P-H Temp Probe Housing  
M-001-0125 EA-WTS Wireless Temp Sensor  
M-001-0126 EA-WHS Wireless Humidity Sensor  
M-001-0127 EA-WMFS Wireless Multi-Function Sensor  
1111 12VDCT 12 Volt DC Transformer  
1175 BZ-1 Buzzer  
1190 HA-1 Humidity Sensor*  
E-003-0009 EA-TBK Extra Terminal Blocks (Black)  
M-001-0143 TEMP-G-B Glycerin Bottle (6oz) with Glycerin  
M-001-0144 TEMP-T-S Tube and Stand (1oz) (No Glycerin)  
M-001-0145 TEMP-S-K Wire Spice kit  
M-001-0151 MTA-2 Mechanical Temp Monitor, Dual Output Link
1047 WB350 Waterbug 350 Link
1193 & 1172 VAL-1 (T) Vehicle Alarm System* Link*
1040 W-S-U Water Sensor, unsupervised  
1045 & 1106 DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) Standard Temp Sensor for DTA-1* Link*
1024 & 1107 DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) Low Temp Sensor for DTA-1* Link*
1025 & 1108 DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) High Temp Sensor for DTA-1* Link*
1026 & 1109 DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) Liquid Temp Sensor for DTA-1* Link*
1109A DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) 1/2" NPT Threaded Temp Sensor for DTA-1* Link*
1128 DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) HA-3* Link*
1181 DTA-1 / DTA-4 (P) HA-2* Link*
1175 TA-2HLD /TA-3HLD Buzzer* Link*
1183 DTA-1 / DTA-4 Buzzer* Link*
1110 DTA-4/TA-2HLD/TA-3HLD 3-Gang Surface Mount Box* Link*
1193 DTA-1/DTA-4/DPM-4 Time Delay Module* Link*


* Device has been discontinued. Please look at our Upgrade Guide for possible replacement

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