The PS-110 is designed to provide convenient reliable service. This compact, easy-to-use monitor plugs into any standard 2-prong 120V AC outlet that requires monitoring. It has an attached 15’ (4.57 m) cable that wires into remote warning devices such as alarm systems, telephone dialers or other emergency equipment. When power to the monitored circuit is interrupted for more than 3½ to 8 consecutive minutes, the PS-110 activates alarms and dialers through a Normally Open (N.O.) dry contact output. This time delay feature means that short power outages (< 3½ minutes duration) will not cause the PS-110 to activate. As long as electrical power is restored within 3½ minutes to the circuit which the PS-110 is monitoring, the unit will automatically reset itself to a normal condition. Several PS-110s can be wired into a single warning system, making power failure monitoring for an entire complex easy.


Spec Sheet

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