TA-1 : General Information


No power is required

Gold plated N.O. Dry Contact. 

No Power Required. 


TA-1 has been designed for reliable monitoring of non-condensing (indoor only) environment areas where high and low temperature limits are critical. This unit will separately zone out high or low temperature alarm signals. This unique feature enables you to instantly identify whether your facility being monitored has a high or low temperature condition.

Power Requirement No power required to operate.
Operating Temperature Alarm Use: 50 to 100° F (10 to 38° C)
Non-condensing environments only.

Low Limit Adjust Range -30 to 120° F (-34 to 49° C) 

High Limit Adjust Range -20 to 130° F (-29 to 54° C)Alarm contacts may not function outside of this range.
Display Use: -30 to 130° F (-35 to 54° C)
Accuracy ±3° F (1.7° C)
Response Time TC = 14 minutes
Sensing Element Bimetallic Coil
Outputs Gold plated N.O. dry contacts
Contact Output Rating 50mA @ 12VDC

 Operating Temperature Alarm Use: 50 to 100° F (10 to 38° C) is because the TEMP ALERT is most accurate within that range.

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