EA800-ip F.A.Q.

Q. I want to setup an INSIGHT Account

  • To request a Reseller or Direct Account, please use this link



Q. How do I unlock the EA800-ip?

  • To unlock the EA800-ip using the default, 0800, unlock code:

    Press the Home (House) button. On the bottom left, over the F1, will be UNLOCK, press F1 to start the Unlocking process.

    Press the F1 button once or twice to bring up the "Enter Password" prompt.

    Press the F3 button once to move the cursor to the second place from the left.

    Press the Down Arrow twice to bring up the 8.

    Press the Enter Key (Left Arrow)

    You will be re-directed back home, over the F1 key, the word should now be LOCK, this means you are unlocked, and pressing F1 will LOCK the device.


Q. The default password isn't working, how can I get into the system?

  • If the device is connected to INSIGHT, you can change the password by selecting the device in the INSIGHT Account Administration tab. Otherwise, you will need to call into tech support, there is a pin they can give you to open the device for a day. Ask for the: "Password of the Day". You will not have full control of the unit, but enough to resolve most problems.



Q. How do I set the date and time

  • By default, the date and time are pulled from the network. If your device is not connected to INSIGHT, then you will want to disable the cloud. Once the cloud is disabled, you will need to unlock the unit: Main Menu > System > Set Date | Set Time




Q. My EA800-ip keeps rebooting itself

  • The EA800-ip will continually reboot if it does not have a network connection and the Cloud is activated on the device. It is trying to reset the network connection. To resolve this, unlock the unit and disable the Cloud setting. 



Q. How do I disable the cloud?

  • Unlock the device: Main Menu > System > Configuration > Network > Client Mode > Then Select Disable. It will ask you to press OK (F3) To reboot. After the reboot, the cloud will be disabled. 



Q. How do I set a Static IP?

  • Unlock the device: Main Menu > System > Configuration > Network > Client Mode > Cloud > The screen should say DHCP, select Disable. You will be prompted for all the network settings. 




 Q. Can't seem to add my wireless probe.

  • For best results on wireless have the transmitter close to the EA800-ip when adding the sensor. Remove all power from the wireless transmitter, and then start the search. Once the display is showing that the EA800-ip is searching, add power to the wireless transmitter. If you are still having issues adding the sensor, on the EA800-ip, change the RF channel to 26 and repeat the process. You may also wish to look at the RF Troubleshooting Guide: RF Guide




Q. Wireless keep tripping at the same time

  • Take a look at your Event Log for watchdog errors or RF resets. If you see either, you will need to do a memory reset (Memory Reset Guide). You will also want to check your wireless performance to ensure there is enough signal strength, 2 bars or more. Also view the RF Troubleshooting Guide: RF Guide




Q. How long will log data be stored on the unit?

  • Data storage is based on your collection frequency. If selecting a collection frequency of 30 seconds or 1 minute on the EA800-ip with it connected to INSIGHT, the device will automatically reset the collection frequency to 5 minutes, the lowest tier available when linked with INSIGHT. INSIGHT will store your data for 18 Months will full reporting capabilities, and an additional 18 months with data archiving.
30 Seconds 3.5 Days (Not optional with INSIGHT)
1 Minute 1 Week (Not optional with INSIGHT)
5 Minutes 1 Month
15 Minutes 3 Months
30 Minutes 6 Months
1 Hour 1 Year
2 Hours 2 Years


Q. Sensor Displays No Data

  • No data warnings typically are due from wireless transmitters that are no longer transmitting. This is normally caused by dead batteries on the wireless units. Replace the batteries (verify that you see a flashing green light), and wait up to 10 minutes for the No Data to clear. 


Q. Can't add (learn) wireless to EA800-ip

  • The EA800-ip can have a max of 8 wireless sensors. Older units can only have 4 wireless sensors. To check to see what version you have: Main Menu > About EA800 > RF (F3). You will see at the bottom row a long serial number followed by (4) or (8). This number will indicate how many wireless sensors you can have on your device. If you are within this limit, and still are unable to add a wireless sensor, remove all power and batteries from the wireless transmitter. Hold the RESET button for 30 seconds. Do a Memory Reset on the EA800-ip. Try searching for wireless again. 




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