RF Troubleshooting

RF issues are generally by caused three common situations. 

  1. Transmitter distance / low or dead battery.
  2. Wi-Fi interference
  3. System memory corruption.


  1. Transmitter distance / low or dead battery:

Verify signal strength by: Unlocking the Unit > Main Menu > Sensors > Performance > Select the sensor you wish to view. Signal strength should not drop below 2 bars. Keep the screen open for 5 minutes to see if the reading changes. If the signal drops below 2 bars, either move the transmitter to a different location, or change the RF channel. 

If you are seeing "No Data" on your display, it is most often a dead or low battery. Replace both AA batteries or check power coming from transformer if used. 


2. Interference:

Other 2.4Ghz wireless signals (Wi-Fi, wirelss phones, etc...) can overlap with the EA800-ip if using channels 11~24. Changing the channel to 25 or 26 will avoid overlap with Wi-Fi. Most common is 26. You can have multiple units on the same channel in the same area without performance issues.

To change the RF: Unlocking the Unit > Main Menu > System > Configuration > RF Channel 

Anytime a channel is changed, you will need to reboot the EA800-ip. 

You will also need to reset all the transmitters that are tied to the EA800-ip by removing both batteries and removing the power from the transformer if being used after restarting the EA800-ip.



3. System memory corruption:

Memory corruption can be caused by low power resets or other electrical noise that finds its way into the system. You can verify corruption by going into the event log and scanning for RF Resets and or watchdog errors. 

Please follow the guide to resolve memory corruption. 

Memory Clearing Guide



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