EAPro®-Gateway Firmware Update Guide

Current Firmware Version: 24.03.25

Current Bootloader Version: 23.1.23

NOTE: Do NOT rename the file. The system will not recognize the file.

--NOTE: For Low Battery Alarm your wireless sensor's needs to be on version 23.10.10 or later

Link to RF Firmware Update: https://help.winland.com/hc/en-us/articles/22469483330843-EAPro-Gateway-RF-Firmware-Update-Guide

How to check firmware and bootloader version.

  1. Main menu > About

Under Winland Electronics Inc. and TITAN, there will be a line named Firmware. This is your current Firmware version. 

Bootloader current version will be located directly below the firmware version.


Please note, version numbers shown in image may not show current version. 




-- Please ensure you backup all data and configurations prior to updating the firmware. --

The order of operation for updating firmware should be

Backup Configuration > Factory reset > Firmware Update > Reload configuration


Backing up configurations;

It is highly recommended to back up your EAPro®-Gateway configurations prior to updating firmware. 

To save your configuration you will need a USB. (FAT32 Required)

  1. Insert USB into EAPro®-Gateway
  2. At Main Menu tap System > Configuration > Save Config > Save To USB





    3. To load your configuration after firmware update you will just press load config instead of save        config. Reference 3rd image.

To upload the firmware you will need:

A USB (Must be format to FAT32).

Upload the following files below to the USB

  1. Titan_Gateway_v24.03.25.bin

Factory Resetting the EAPro®;

After backing up your device configuration onto your USB and prior to updating the firmware we recommend to factory reset your device.

1. At Main Menu tap System > Configuration > Factory Reset

Main_Menu.jpgSystem_Menu.jpgHC CONFIGURATION MENU FR.jpg


2. Once in the factory reset window, input the pin "1234" and hit confirm.

3. Once the device is done with the factor reset a message will come up stating it is complete. Hit okay and then manually reboot the device



Updating Firmware;


-- Please ensure you backup all data and configurations prior to updating the firmware. --

  1. Download above files onto a USB.
  2. Insert USB into EAPro®-Gateway
  3. At Main Menu tap System > Configuration > Update Firmware > Load from USB.


     4. Select the current firmware version 24.03.25

     5. Verify new version is 24.03.25 and hit confirm.

    • NOTE: After pressing confirm, it's common for the device to stop it's clock (the system may look like it's locked up) while doing it's update. Please wait a minimum of 5 minutes for a confirmation before attempting to reboot the device.

     6. Once completed hit OK and manually reboot device.

     7. After device reboots verify firmware has updated to 24.03.25 by going to Main menu > About.

If firmware is updated repeat the steps for a factory reset and once completed your device is updated. 

If firmware did not update repeat the previous steps above until firmware is updated.





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