EAPro®-Gateway RF Firmware Update Guide

This guide will provide you information on how to update your EAPro®-Gateway wireless (RF) sensor firmware. For instructions on how to update your EAPro®-Gateway please click this link.

Current RF Firmware Version: 23.10.10

NOTE: Do NOT rename the file. The system will not recognize the file.

How to check RF Sensor Firmware Version.

  1. Click Main Menu (gear icon) in the top right corner of the LED screen.
  2. Hit Sensors > View Sensors > select the wireless sensor.
    • The firmware is to the left of "type" (refer to screenshots below)

Sensor select.jpg       sensor menu.jpg

  rf sensor select.jpg    RF FW.jpg


To update firmware you will need:

A USB (Must be format to FAT32).

Upload the following files below to the USB

  1. Titan_Sensor_v23.10.10.bin

Updating RF Sensor Firmware

Note: When updating RF Firmware you should only update one sensor at a time.  Power down all but one wireless sensor and update one at a time.

  1. Download above files onto a USB.
  2. Insert USB into EAPro®-Gateway
  3. At Main Menu tap System > Configuration > Update Firmware > Load from USB.


     4. Select the current firmware version 23.10.10 (verify it says "RF" in the column to the right)

     5. Verify new version is 23.10.10 and hit confirm.

    • NOTE: After pressing confirm, you will see a progress counter that will count up to 100% in the middle. Once 100% continue to next step. It is also common for the device to stop its clock (the system may look like it's locked up) while doing its update. During this process, you may see the LED strip change colors while the clock is stopped; this is normal operation. Please wait a minimum of 5 minutes for a confirmation before attempting to reboot the device. 

     6. Once completed give the device a moment and you should see the LED Strip bar flashing along with the wireless sensor LED flashing rapidly. This means the update is being installed please wait for the LED to stop flashing. 

     7. Once the EAPro-Gateway and Wireless sensor LED stop flashing, remove power from wireless sensor and wait for it to show disconnected on the EAPro (when the Wi-Fi bar on the zone is empty it is disconnected). Once it shows disconnected reapply power.

     8. You will then either press the reset button on the RF sensor or remove the power. Wait until the RF sensor is disconnected from the EAPro®- Gateway, then reapply power.

     9. If RF sensor is not updated repeat steps above.


Note: When all RF sensors have been updated, it is recommended to reboot your EAPro®- Gateway. This will prevent the EAPro®- Gateway from trying to automatically update RF sensor when they are connecting/reconnecting.




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