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Do NOT Delete A Device From INSIGHT


This guide is designed to assist in swapping device for calibration or to replace a defective unit. If you have any questions, please reach out to technical support at 800.635.4269 x1 or start a chat at the bottom of the page. 

 STEP 1. Submit Form

STEP 2. Backup

STEP 3. Install


STEP 1. Submit Request


1. Ensure you have proper email for authorization.

2. Go to LINK and complete form. 


This can be done at anytime, alias will only start once proper memory clearing has be verified by Winland.

3. Once form is submitted, for either adding or removing alias, Winland will finalize the alias for you.


STEP 2. Back Up The Unit

1. Unlock the EA800-ip

2. Main menu > System > Load/Save Config.

3. Insert USB and select Save Config and hit "OK" once complete (F3).

4. Power down the EA800-ip and swap the terminal blocks to your new device if needed. If mounted, the blocks can be disconnected prior to removing from wall. 

Your terminal block may be black or green in color. You do NOT need to unscrew the wiring. You should lift the block from the pins. A small tool is recommended to get between the terminal block and the PCB.


STEP 3. Install New Unit

1. Ensure the terminal blocks are seated properly.


2. Power On the Unit and Unlock the EA800-ip

3. Main Menu > System > Load/Save Config.

4. Insert USB and select Load Config, select the saved file and "ENTER" (unit will request to reboot).

5. Perform Memory Clearing on the EA800-ip.

While the unit is powered down, connect network cable

6. Log into INSIGHT and add the new device to your account.


Final Note

Once Alias is started, you will need to match any changes you make from one device to both devices (on INSIGHT. Thus, high limits and device changes will always need to match to ensure proper notifications. 



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