EAPro-GTWY Advance Network Troubleshooting

This is an in-depth guide for troubleshooting a network connection. It is advised to communicate with your network admin while going through these steps.


If you can ping the unit and the Ping Test passes, it typically implies an issue with NTP or a blocked port.


General Network Information:

This device uses Azure IoT Hub. IoT Hub IP addresses are not static and can change based upon device/region and version of communication and Azure itself. Winland currently does not have a static IP option for IoT communication.


Azure IoT Hub does not currently support IPv6. 

For more information dealing with IPv4 routing and IPv6 see: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-hub/iot-hub-understand-ip-address


Networking Rules/Ports Required

NTP RJ45: time.nist.gov (Default, can change though configuration file or through UI on certain firmware)

NTP WIFI: DNS query to time.gov for IP (default, can change through config file or through UI on certain firmware)

NTP Port: 123


DNS: EAProHub-Prod.azure-devices.net (hardcoded, not adjustable)

DNS Port: 53


SSL: Handled by IoT Hub

SSL: 443


MQTT: Communication to IoT Hub

MQTT Port: TCP 8883


Once installed and configured the EAPro-GTWY communicates to the Host System on a 2 minute interval for live readings, and for logs it sends based on the Cloud Sync setting. It does not accept any inbound connections.



Note: Device should be unlocked for the following procedures.


Please verify you are on the correct firmware & bootloader, which can be checked by using the following:

 Firmware Guide

At this point, the bootloader and the firmware should be up to date. Typically the bootloader won't affect the network system.


Settings to Verify Network is enabled.

  • Located on the board (refer to image below) toggle to enable 1: Wi-Fi // 2: Ethernet (RJ45). Enable the switch corresponding with the method you plan to use. (It is recommended to only have one toggle on)


  • Verify "Cloud" is enabled in: Unlock > Main Menu (Gear Icon) > Network > Cloud > Cloud = Enabled


 Check your current IP settings on the EAPro system

 Unlock Device > Main Menu (Gear Icon) > Network > View Ethernet OR View Wi-Fi

Hit "Next" in the bottom right of the screen to view more information including if DHCP is enabled or disabled.

1st Row, shows Wi-Fi, 2nd Row shows Ethernet.




Check your PING

Note:  The ping test utilizes an ICMP echo request which will ping (hardcoded), a FAIL ping test indicates the device is unable to reach outside the local network.

Unlock Device > Main Menu (Gear Icon) > Network > Cloud > Test



If Ping Passes but Unable to connect to INSIGHT and Ports are open

First attempt is to add or edit a sensor, then attempt to add on INSIGHT.

INSIGHT doesn't recognize a device has communicated unless it receives a sensor configuration. Editing a sensor or adding a sensor forces a device/sensor configuration change.



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