Changing Device Settings

Device Settings 




The password field is the password that will be used for accessing the device panel, and has to be a 4 digit number.

Date Format:
The date displayed in the Device and on all device data sheets can either MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY

Time Format:
The time represented on the device and on all Device data sheets can either be a 12 or 24 hour clock.

Device Response Profile:
If you are using Alert Response Profiles and have them setup for the account you can select the appropriate profile from the drop-down list to be used for responding to Alerts that occur on the device.

Time Zone:
Select the Time Zone the device is physically located in from the drop-down list. This time will be represented on all data and reports for the device.

Offline Alert Time: 
(Winland Recommends 30 minutes) This setting is the time that the device can be ‘Offline’ before sending an Alert out to all associated users. If this time is
set to ‘Disabled,’ users will not be notified of the fact that the device is not monitoring their environment.

Alert Reminder Interval:
(Winland Recommends 1 hour) This setting determines the amount of time that passed before an Alert email is re-sent out to associated users after the device
has gone into an Alert State.


If this field is set to "Disabled" NO Alerts from the device will ever be sent out to any user


If selected the Device will have an audible alert at the device. If not selected the Device will only blink the
LCD screen and no audible alert will be broadcasted.

Collection Frequency:
This setting determines the rate at which data will be sent to the system to be stored for reporting. 

Collection Frequency Table 

Keypad Lock:
If selected, the configuration for the device can only be administered from the website and users will not be able to access the device. This will completely lock the device, so even if a user knows the pin, they will not be able to unlock the device. 


Sensor Settings

Click on the small Wrench Icon for the Senor Dropdown


This setting is given when installing a sensor, and cannot be changed without deleting the sensor and then re-adding the sensor in with the correct settings.

Name / Location:
You can change the name of the sensors

How the system reads the sensor

Low Limit:
Trigger point of alarm when range is below minimum threshold

High Limit:
Trigger point of alarm when range is above maximum threshold

Alert Delay:
Setting to hold pending alarm, in minute increments. Range from 0 (instant alarm) to 120 (2 Hour delay)

Alert Response Profile:
Ties sensor into a pre-set Response Profile. For more detail on Response Profile : // insert Anchor Tag for Response profile //

Designate which output will trip based on alarm

Clearing buffer, were if high alarm is set to 10° and hysteresis is set to 1.0° then the temperature would need to drop to 9° before the alarm is cleared. This works both on high and low limits

Used to adjust reading on sensor based on NIST requirement or matching another sensor

Text box for leaving notes, or general information for the sensor. 


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