Running Reports

All reports will be based on the Reports Tab.


1. Once inside the Reports Tab, give the Report a name. For schedule reports, it's best to have some identification of how often. Such as daily graph.

2. Select the type of report:


Sensor Detail Log:
This Report will show the readings from each one of the device sensors at the collection frequency interval for the time period selected. This report can be ran for a particular sensor, or for an entire device.


Sensor Detail Log



Sensor Summary Log: 
This Report will present summarized information for sensors associated to your devices for the period selected.

The Report will show the Average, Minimum and High values for the reporting period as well as represent the time period on a graph showing the sensor readings in comparison to the thresholds set.

Sensor Summary Log

NOTE: Graph will adjust based on High and Low set points




Sensor Acknowledgement Log:
This Report will present information on a sensor reading acknowledgement: Date/Time; User login/Name; Sensor Reading/Units; Sensor Status and notes left by the acknowledging User.

Alert Report by Location:
This report will display the number of Alert Occurrences that have happened at the selected locations in your account for the specified period of time. The alerts will be displayed in a graph, that represents the locations per bar. The bars are selectable by clicking on them to drill down into the Alert Report by Device for more specific information. You can utilize your browsers back key to return to the Location Report once you have seen the desired information.

Alert Report by Device:
This Report displays the # of occurrences that have happened for a specific device for the specified time frame. The alerts will be displayed in graph form, 1 bar per sensor on the device.The bars are selectable by clicking on them, and doing so will take you to the specific Alert information in the report.

 Alert Report by Device

Alert Response Summary:
This Report shows the Alerts that have occurred during the specified time frame that have had Response Plans completed.The Report breaks out each Alert occurrence for the device/sensor and shows the response steps that were taken for the Alert under the Alert occurrence.
The Response steps will show who responded, the steps that were to be completed and the responder notes if provided. Any response steps that were not completed will be shown but indicated as not completed.
3. Click Create

4. Select the sensor(s) and or device(s) you want the report to run.

5. Click Continue

6. Select type of report

a. PDF will download a view-able PDF file. 

b. HTML File : Will open a new browser tab with the preset selections

c. CSV (not optional on all reports): Will download an excel sheet type format with data from pre-selected inputs.

d. Schedule : Will setup though automating the process to occur as Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports. With options of when to run, and who to send the reports too.

1: Type of Report

2: Frequency - Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Both Weekly and Monthly will give you an option of what day to run the report. 

3: Time to run, and what start time and time zone the reports cover. 

Reports will always cover 24 hours. 

4: Select the members to receive the report.

5. Click on Schedule Report

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