EA800-ip Data Template


Current Version D-011-0166 Rev.D

Older EA800 models may need a different version to work properly. Please contact techsupport@winland.com for earlier versions.

Excel does need to be installed to work properly.


1. Export all data from the EA800-ip

Unlock the unit

From the Home Screen: Main Menu > Data Log > Export All Logs

If you haven't already inserted a USB it will request for one.


2. Download and open Data Template file (bottom of page)

Ensure you do accept "Enable Content" if security warning displays, otherwise template will not work correctly.


3. The file has 3 tabs, for each type of data from the data log export. Data (Sensor), Alarm Log, Event Log

Ensure you are in the correct page and click on Import. On the previous image you'll see where it states Import Sensor Data. 


4. Each Import will give you a pop up window to open a file. Click OK and ensure you select the proper file.

All Data files will have the file name starting with "D" : Dyymmdd

All Alarm files will have the file name starting with "A" : Ayymmdd

All Event files will have the file name starting with "E" : Eyymmdd

Once you've selected the correct file, the system will auto populate the data.

If you are unable to see the data properly, please ensure you have the most up to date version. If you are still having issues, please communicate with Tech Support. 





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